Who did your child 'friend' on Facebook today?
Oh, that might be a bit of a stretch, as it might be happening even as you read this, so...

Who did your child 'friend' on Facebook last week?
OK, that's sorta hard to know unless you've got their friend list memorized, so...

Where did your child meet the five Facebook 'friends' they interact with the most?
Don't know those answers?

Don't know if those are important to know?

Is this something you'd like to know?
We can help! 


Kid411 is a group of Certified Child & Internet Safety Advocates who are committed to protecting children and families from cyber-bullying, sexting, and on-line predators.

These advocates volunteer their time to conduct workshops aimed at empowering adults and teens with knowledge and confidence to be engaged in the cyber- and mobile-worlds.

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